diumenge, 3 de desembre de 2017


PROJECT SCHEHEREZADE, created with an international, multidisciplinary vision, is a nonprofit entity whose mission is to document, divulge and promote female ingenuity, knowledge and creativity throughout history by using traditional methodologies, as well as new technologies to project the dissemination of this information.  

We are at a unique moment in our history given that four generations are simultaneously coexisting with the capabilities to connect without the limitations of time and space. 

We can redefine the cultural platform through new technologies and create an innovative cultural network without biases of race, gender, politics and religions.

In order to accomplish this, we delve into all aspects of culture defined as information that is not genetically obtained. Research, knowledge and education will be coupled with the creation of spaces, methodologies, and broadcast channels utilizing multiple platforms, including; presentations, seminars, conferences, workshops, courses, round tables, interviews, documentaries, exhibitions, debates, literary meetings, poetry recitals, cultural capsules and publications. 

Please complete a Contact form to become a member of this association. There is no fee, contributions are voluntary. For any questions please send us an email or FB message.